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Trevor Smith

The arguments against agentless have always been based around granularity and control. So arguably if these issues can be overcome one hase achieved nirvana. We at nanotechsoftware believe that we have achieved this with an agentless solution that can return data at the rate of 6,000 nodes per minute, with only a 1.5% hit on a 10 base network and the ability to monitor and interact with target machines; all without deployment of any code to the target machines

Stephen Brown

Agent vs. Agentless is always an interesting discussion. Denise Dubie of Network World recently published an article on the subject that might be of interest:

As far as which is better - agent or agentless - it really depends on the application and what the "agent" is...in the case of preventing private information from leaving the desktop it would be a piece of software, which provides very granular control but can be monumental to manage in an enterprise.

In the case of a network analyzer, this could be an appliance (probe) that is installed where ever granular visibility is needed. Here it's more a question of cost - not issues of management - you'll hear people talk about not needing probes because their collecting NetFlow or perhaps pulling SNMP information. But it comes down to the need for visibility and granularity.

You might want to check out my blog as you'll find we discuss similar topics - www.networkinstruments.wordpress.com

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