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Cisco security device supports the use of login banners in console sessions and Telnet sessions, but not in SSH sessions. Exec and MOTD banners are supported in the console, Telnet and SSH sessions. Banners can be up to 510 characters. You can create banners online, or by creating multiple banner or multiple statements using the key sequence of n which inserts a carriage return.

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A unit of software is a software application that can be combined with any operating system enough to run optimally on industry standard hardware industry or a Virtual machine software device. A is often the condition that the general picture in the application form, which supports the premises of the physical machines and multiple types of virtual machines.

Ed Daniel

Interesting view, I wonder whether or not it is right though to insist you package your solution in pre-selected appliances.

Software alone can take advantage of being distributed in virtual machines assisting deployment and maintainability - i.e. a virtual appliance straight out of the box that can be deployed to any part of your organisation.

Is virtualisation something you have considered in your product development model/roadmap?

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